Gaining results on using cdVet products in real life poultry farming

1.      Location

          Lower Saxony Northern Germany

2.      Type of birds

          Broiler chicken

3.      Total volume of the farm population

          Contains of a total 160.000 birds

4.      Age

          An average age of 40 days

5.      Mortality rate

          An average of 4.17%

6.      Clinical signs

          Respiratory signs (coughing and sneezing), breathing through mouth

          Digestive issues as well, greenish brownish diarrhea, mainly coccidiosis

7.      Conditions of the barns:

          Building of ammonia vapors due to poor ventilation

          Wet bed in the barns due to poor manure management

8.      Daily intake

          Average daily feed intake on a cycle: 105 gr/ day/ bird

9.      Weight at slaughter

          An average of 2,63 kg

Results of the TurboB® and Enterovet® application on site:


1.      Clinical signs


2.      Better conditions in the barns:

          Better ventilation ammonia build up controlled

          Better manure management, dry straws in bed area

3.      Daily intake

          Average Daily feed intake on a cycle: 120 gr/ day/ bird

4.      Mortality

          Decreased to 3.09%

5.      Feed conversion

          Increased feed conversion and final body weight from 2.628 gr to 2.795 gr

6.      Weight at slaughter

     –          An average of 2,79 kg